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We pride ourselves on providing the best possible service to all our customers. Here are just some of the letters we get from people we have helped.

Hi Annie, 

Your books arrived yesterday morning!  Very impressed with the service!

Thank you for your help and for the speedy delivery. 


Susan Whitford

Language Literacy & Numeracy Teacher 


Hi there

I met up with you at the ACTA conference in  last year (sorry I’ve forgotten your name) and I bought a set of flip charts with pictures for primary classes.  Kindly you sent it direct to my daughter in northern  and we gave to our grandson for Christmas.  You might remember that I am worried about his education as he is so isolated and has no interaction with other children. I just wanted to let you know that he gets an enormous amount of pleasure out of it and it has been a great success.  He lies on the floor devouring particular charts and both the booklet and the pen are very useful. Your newsletters are of use to me professionally too and I look forward to receiving them. 


Lesley Crommelin

Dear Julia 

Thanks your email. Sorry for the late response as we only returned to work today after the Chinese New Year holidays. In fact, I have a Sunca which I bought some six years ago when I started learning French.  On a recent trip to  during Christmas, I suggested that she buys one of these machines for her French (which she started learning 7 years ago) and Spanish (started 3 years ago).  Now she is enjoying every bit of the Sunca. Thank you, once again, for the very prompt service. 

Cheers and have a good day,



Dear Caroline, 

Yes, I received it very quickly (within 3 or 4 days!).  I did send you a quick message as soon as I received it, but I guess you didn't receive that email, which said: "I just thought I'd let you know that the parcel has arrived this afternoon (Tuesday).  I must say that's a pretty impressive delivery time!  All I've got to do now is track down an adaptor to convert the Australian two-pin plug to a  three-pin and I'll be in business." I've sinse managed to get an adaptor to convert from Australian 2-pin to  3-pin, and it's working fine. I must say I find it really excellent for improving my Spanish.  Although being able to compare my own voice with the orininal is a really useful feature, I find I'm getting most benefit by repeated use of the BACKSPACE  key over and over again on each difficult phrase until I can say it out loud at the same time and as quickly as the recorded voice.  It sometimes takes as many as 10 or 12 attempts before I get it completely right - but I get a great sense of achievement each time I succeed. 

Many thanks for your follow-up. 


Bill Tomlinson 

Hi Annie, 

I recently ordered and received the Italian for Children, using my  bartercard. Love it, thank you. Can I purchase another using my bartercard please? The same one at $54.95? It's for a gift, it's fantastic, thank you for recommending it. Do you still have my bartercard details and delivery details? 

Warm Regards 

Jacinta Richmond 

Hi Annie & Pamela,     

Just wanted to let you  know that the puppets arrived yesterday to the great joy and delight of our children, Katie and Robert. Thank you to everyone who helped to arrange for them to be ordered and posted. We are absolutely thrilled, and I am very grateful for all your help. (They really are quite beautiful puppets, aren't they .)   We love the Italian Kit so much, I was wondering if I could order another on in for a friend of mine in . She has 2 children who would get so much out if this. Can you let me know if it is possible to get another kit, and I will email address details and ring you over the phone to arrange payment?    

Kindest regards,    



Sorry it has taken me a couple of days to get back to you about the order which included Andiamo blackline masters - our Italian teacher is part time and so wasn't in until today. We do NOT need another copy of the Andiamo books.Thank you so much for following up with us when you spotted the double-up.We appreciate the attention to detail and customer service.



Dear Sales Staff,  

I am impressed by your service!  I ordered “Has a book got a spine” on the afternoon of 26/10/07 and it was waiting for me when I got the office at midday on Monday – that is seriously fast and efficient service (I realise Oz Post had a part to play..) but THANK YOU soooo much!  It is a great book, by the way.  



Literacy Service Area Curriculum Consultant

Fremantle Peel Education District

Could you please send me a mix of Italian stickers that would equal  that figure.

I really appreciate your customer service, it’s so refreshing !! 

Have a good Christmas,


Thankyou so much,

What amazing follow up and service you have given me.

I am very grateful,



Dictionary and invoice received today.   

This is one of those books that will have heaps of use over the next couple of decades, so, much appreciated. 

Many thanks again!   


John O.


Thanks again for organising the purchase and delivery of Sneddon'sIndonesian Grammar book (to Indonesia).I received a text message two days ago from Slyvana saying "thank you"and that the book had arrived safely at its destination and to thecorrect person.

Again, thanks for your efforts... executed perfectly.



Hi Annie,

Many thanks for your amazing service.

Kind regards,Kathie

Kathie Hollis,

Library Officer,

City of Melville Library Service



Hello Annie,

Many thanks. I rcved the books (Ship or Sheep etc) the next day.

Prompt service – much appreciated.




Hi Annie,

Thank so much for the parcel which had arrived at our school over a week ago.

I have always been pleased with your professionalism and prompt deliveries, so I apologise for the ineffective communication between our administration staff.

I've just started at this school and it certainly is challenging at times, compared to the professionalism at my previous school.  

Thanks once again, 


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